What’s a Mandala?

In Sanskrit, the word “mandala” means “circle” as well as “totality”: it’s a universal representation who lives in all cultures, a living symbol of the activity of the universe, of the great cosmic wheel, of the entire creation. The circle symbolizes the absolute, the infinity, the perfect union, the essence, the divine nature.

At the beginning all the geometrical and symbolical figures start from a circle. Thus, the Mandala is a magical diagram that identifies the power of the “Whole”. This power is linked to the acquaintance of the perpetual exchanges whom every time happen between the centre and the periphery. The first one symbolizes the Spirit and the second one the living matter. Going towards the centre means acquire knowledge, stability, creativity and gaining order and intelligence in your own life.

All of us have done the experience of looking at a flower’s heart with astonishment. This perception constantly reminds us of the existence of our inward centre: the focal point towards which we must aim and employ all our energy to find our real nature. Those Mandala are a symbol that allow the presence of a beneficial energy by a condensation phenomenon. All of them are offered to the entire world so that everybody can find benefit and offer, by resonance, a proper contribute to the welfare of all being.

Their beauty clearly reveals their nature: they are a tribute to the wonderful world of virtues, like a consecrated talisman and an inestimable gift. Each mandala carries the energy of a particular virtue although being a unit. Virtues are everything that make us happy and bring us a beautiful life. In his “destiny body” the human being has a liberty because he can write his own destiny depending on what he does with all the virtues, the greatest values of life.

If a man abuses on a virtue, he will pick up the fruit of his behavior and try on himself pain until his awakening. He will prepare his future according to his acts. All the Mandala have the strange capability to being a mirror into our inner self. They give us the opportunity to clarify and clean all the shadow areas. Usually there are some shadow areas at home, unconscious places which aren’t tidy and clean. Here, it will gather all negativities.

Mandalas revitalize the air and clean the soul of our home. They awake consciousness and naturally bring clarity into us and our environment.  Clarity allows us to make life our friend. It doesn’t mean that we have always be alone in ourselves, but rather we must open ourselves up to the light, to the beauty and let it bring order into our lives.

Through these mandalas we hope that the light of virtue will touch your hearts and lives.

Balance and Harmony

The Mandalas are much more than visual art, they are also an efficient way to harmonies all the energy.

Through its structure, the mandala tells us the story about the creation and the harmony of the cosmic world. It binds what is inside, the notorious microcosm, to what is in outside, the macrocosm. All the planets evolving inside a circle around the sun represent a Mandala. In the same way, galaxies with their spiral shape o their atoms turning around the nucleus reflect the same structure, the same intelligence that shows itself in the infinitesimal small thing and in the infinitesimal large.

The central point represents the creativity source, divinity, eternity. The spiral symbolizes the feminine principle, the sphere of respiration, creation, time.

When we were into our mother’s womb, we formed a mandala. We were the centre and the placenta, with its amniotic fluid, was the spiral of evolution. At this moment, we are the centre of our life and our aura spreads powerful forces, influences around us.

The Mandalas’ shape encourages us to harmonize ourselves and our environment. The spiral promotes a deep reflection on our relationship with ourselves, others, and the universe. There are, inside us, different centres able to issue many vibrations: the centres of thoughts, of feelings, of the willing, of the body…All of them must be in balance with each other and with the centres located in the macrocosm.

The Mandalas are guards, silent protectors remaining us the existence of other worlds within us and around us. We must respect all of them so that our life will be beautiful and blessed.

Using the mandalas at home, we make a link with the universe, and we can tell all beings and intelligences present around us based on what kind of bind we would make with them. This aspect could be simple, but it isn’t and for this reason we must make order and give a beautiful mean in our life by developing a high ideal able to link us to the greatest, the Whole, in which we can find wisdom and beauty.

The rule of universal harmony tells us that everything is important, every detail starting from shapes, colors, smells, sounds have a specific rule, value, and utility. This is a law omnipresent everywhere and is called: “The great law of correspondence” and starting from it the magic science was born. This law is real and always active. It mustn’t be practice in a mechanic or superstitious way, just like “if I put this thing here or there, I will obtain that specific result” because you should remember that the man is the principal source of his world. For example, if you place the mandala of the sweetness towards your furniture and walls you will create the atmosphere correspondent, a strength. But if you are always angry and untidy, you will depolarize all that you have done for that virtue.

Our home could become a mirror about what we create and develop in our soul and destiny. We won’t always have the same body: it will be change. We will inherit the body that we have built consciously or unconsciously for ourselves. We have the power to choose our future life.

The mandalas offer a precious help restructuring ourselves and are a reminder about the presence of the magic world inside us and around us.

These are virtues that make us stronger, smarter, and more confident. In the other hand, weaknesses lead us to illness. The mandalas fill in the environment of soul, wisdom and beauty and allow us to increase naturally our capital of “fortune” and our capability that give us the chance to succeed in everything we undertake.


Useful meditation exercise to go beyond the simple shape of your Mandala.

1)Recharge your batteries

Take time to recharge your batteries looking at a Mandala and trying to let you soak by its universe. First, you could observe its colors and its shape and then let you conquer by its astonishing harmony.

Then, try perceiving its energy, its soul, its intelligence to awake in yourself a new way of view on yourself and your environment.

The aim of this exercise is to be able to perceive its aura and get in it to receive its blessing. In this way, you can increase the awareness of yourself and your energy. Increasing your creative energy is a necessity and it isn’t too difficult. It’s necessary to let the mandala let in your body, in your organs to stimulate its vitality by will and imagination.

Once you have obtained the result of your work, you will see your mandala be active and starts spreading its rays in your home, in your body, vitality, consciousness, and destiny.

The power of mandalas is to bind the sky with the ground inside yourself and give to us the possibility to perceive our interior light.

2)Being a co-creator of your environment

The mandalas show that you are the co-creator of your environment.

If your life isn’t what you would have desired, you might change it by using your creativity. Hanging a mandala on your wall, all the soul of the room changes. In this way, you become a creator and you understand that your choice can make your life different.

Change yourself and everything around you it will change too. The magic world is essentially positive and it’s ready to answer to all our inquiries. If our thoughts, words, and actions aren’t in harmony with the living nature and our deepest nature, then we will create a poisoning environment. The mandalas help us to harmonize ourselves with the positive energy of life and to rectify our thoughts, behaviors, and manners.

The Mandalas’ power come from their target because they remind us of the existence of a superior world. Thus, we are ready to accept our limits and to receive help in a lucid way.

3) Changing the energy in a negative situation

Sit in front of a mandala ad let calm and harmony guide you. Close your eyes and imagine a situation in which you have had a behavior, a word, an act whom you regret. Get in this situation until you can perceive the aura, the energy, the negative soul.

Therefore, open your eyes to the mandala and let a positive light leads you toward yourself. Close your eyes again and let the positive light floods your whole being. At this time, the dark light has escaped through your feet, and it is entered into the ground to change itself.

The mandala lives in you on the level of the heart flower. Now, imagine the same situation that made you sad, but in this case, you are going to apply the right behavior. Now, you are inspired and gathered by a harmonious soul.

If you practice this exercise, you will feel the mandalas gathering you in your daily life to protect, awaken, and inspire you. All of them will create a powerful magical shield around you and you will feel the benefit presence of the superior consciousness and thus bring you incredible confidence in life.

The real trust in life happens when we are in harmony with the superior consciousness that animates the living nature.

4) Let positive feelings grow

For one or two months lay on a tissue mandala until you go to sleep. The atmosphere must be peaceful and supportive for meditation. Stay in the absolute outside and inside immobility for ten-twenty minutes. In this state, notice your state of being for a second, and then, while you are breathing, search that virtue that is going to wake up in you.

The next day, when you wake up, be attentive to your feelings. All Mandalas lead positive influences in the body through the psychic centres. The aim of this energy is to awaken all positive and noble virtues and states of being. This is why, after every session of meditation or contemplation in front of the mandala, is important to focus on our soul during the course of the day. It is possible to be angry on the surface but still peaceful and calm in the deepest. Is fundamental to cultivate in ourselves a particular state of being so that we can create a link with the superior consciousness and magic world.

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